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Users may not upload any files that infringe copyrights; music, mixes, beats or podcast.

Users are responsible for the content they upload. is not responsible for any damage caused by files uploaded by its customers. does not guarantee you reliability and often flexibility of service.

MusicCloud速 may not be held responsible for loss of tracks, mix, podcast or beat caused by the temporary unavailability or permanent closure of its company.

Upon following any User on Musiccloud you agree to be constantly and simultaneously bashed with SMS in a case the page owner is inclined to recurrent upload.

You may not use our players and widgets to create a new music or audio streaming service of a certain person with or without proper permission except for your sole content or mixture.

MusicCloud速 reserves the right to block your use of the Players and the Widget at any time and for any reason in its sole discretion.

MusicCloud速 hold every right to delete tracks and terminate customer account if we believe a derogation.

Upon signing up on Musiccloud you acknowledge that we are a promotional service and therefore grant us the right to monetize on your music, use the profit and develop a more advance service that will boost the way people discover You and Your music.

By uploading, you comply that your audio-file title must be straightforward and explicit. Else, you grant us every right to edit, either auto or manually.

The staff of this company reserves the right to delete any files hosted here for any reason. The administrator of the Musiccloud system reserves the right to modify the Terms Of Service ("TOS") at any time and without prior notice.

Last Amended: 18th March 2017