Why should I promote?

Increase your visibility, Plays & Downloads.
By promoting your content you can increase your visibility across Musiccloud
and easily reach new audiences. Gain recognition and move up charts with more
people stumbling upon and playing your musics.


A Good album art (Don't have? Get one here)

Cost and Estimations

1. N2,500 per week:
- 3300 - 5000 Plays
- 500 - 700 Downloads

2. N5,000 per month:
- 5700 - 10000 Plays
- 1500 - 3000 Downloads

Payment Methods

We accept:
Card Payent
Online Transfer
Bank Deposit

Tracking and Verification

After payment, kindly text or whatsapp:

1. Email/Phone number/Bank account name used during payment
2. Musiccloud Username
3. Name of track you want featured

to Jude (head of promotions) on: 07030619166

Proceed to choose payment Method

PS: Track will be featured in less than 2hours after verification.