Frequetly Asked Questions

I forgot my password. How do I sign in?

If you can’t remember your Musiccloud password.
Click on sign in – forgot password and then retrieve your password by inserting
the mobile number associated with your lost account.

What is Music Cloud Service?
Music Cloud is a go-to platform for african centric music by emerging artists and also a platform for artists to upload their work.

Why did my track disappear from my cloud?

Your track may have disappeared from your cloud because you were over
our accepted size, or it was taken down for copyright infringement.

What bitrates do you supply your music in?

For now we currently supply musics in auto bitrate, but in the near future we'll specify what bitrate we use.

I can’t change my album art or upload an existing music?

Of course we are aware that this feature is necessary and we are working
really hard to roll it out on our next product phase.

How do I discover music on Musiccloud?

Discovering music and artist on Musiccloud is pretty simple. Just click on the discover tab beneath featured music on the homepage or on the top of your cloud page (for loggedd users)

Why was my track taken down or edited?

Your track was taken down with regards to copyright infringement
(claiming ownership of someone’s content)

Why am I unable to play a tracks?

If you are unable to play a certain track it might be the fault of your
ISP, but if you think our system is slowing down.
Apply the following troubleshooting steps, Call or Whatsapp 0703-061-9166

1. Try refreshing the page. In most cases, playback hiccups are only temporary.
2. Clear your browser's cache and cookies, and then restart it.
3. Check to make sure you have the latest version of your browser, or enabled javascript.
4. Try a different browser (such as Firefox, or Chrome) to see if it is a local issue on your browser.

I am not getting much views, plays and downloads on my music and mix. Why?

We advice you always share your content as soon as you drop it on Musiccloud.
This will help to boost the way people discover you outside and inside our platform.

How do I add ‘about me’ and other necessary details?

Go to your cloud – settings and fill in the boxes.

What is the difference between Streaming and Downloads?
1. Streaming allows you to playback a track rightly from your computer, phone and tablet online without downloading it to your device.
2. Downloading enables you to save a music to your device and playback later offline, any time any day.